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About FSA

About Future Sign Academy (FSA)

UBM is serving the sign and advertising including digital solutions industry for 15+ years. As per the recent customer insights study, there is a strong need from the distributors and the end users to gain access to the education programs so they can keep abreast with the changes that are happening in the industry. Supported by the key stakeholders including retailers, architects, advertising agencies, brands and the solution providers, UBM launched Future Sign Academy (below called FSA ) in 2017, FSA provide the annual summit, open classes and in-depth tutorials for its members.
Content is key to ou community r communities to stay informed and continue to be inspired. We work closely with the thought leaders via the advisory board so that the content program is developed by the community, for the community
As the academy and alumni further develop, Future Sign Academy (FSA) will support the initiation of the sub-committees to dive deep into the display, printing, carving, direction system design, digital out-of-home and share the case studies in the retail, transport, education and health care et.

FSA Advisory Boards

Similar to the prestigious advisory boards for GDC, Black Hat, , CBME, Future Sign Academy will invite key opinion leaders from the industry to represent the communities and advocate for their education needs. The board will come together 1-2 times a year to discuss the emerging trends and topics to guide the development of the content program throughout the calendar year.
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FSA Past Events

FSA Annual Summit
Through joint work with industry associations, enterprises and experts, FSA concurrently hold the annual summit with LED CHINA & SIGN CHINA from 2017, aimed to share ideas on the development trend of advertising and sign industry, The summit invited senior managers and experts from different fields to explore the future trend of the industry
Previous Summit

Work Plan for FSA

Future Sign Academy aims to support the development of the community. It is free to all qualified professionals, no membership dues. Each year the work plan will be publicly announced after the completion of the advisory board meeting, with the goal to support monthly activities, quarterly topic highlights to address the needs of knowledge in terms of depth and breadth.

FSA Contacts

Ms. Gloria Chen