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Why Visit

To experience the one-stop destination for procuring digital display technology equipment and advertising signage products

As the "commercial window" of China and a global financial center, Shanghai boasts well-developed and mature supporting facilities, along with exceptional resources. DS CHINA will feature the latest technological innovations and application cases in digital display technology equipment. Concurrently, SIGN CHINA will bring together high-quality exhibitors from traditional signage industries such as laser engraving and cutting, digital printing equipment and substrates, digital textile printing equipment, inks, advertising materials, and more. This allows visitors to effortlessly procure digital display technology equipment and advertising signage products all in one place.

To stay updated on the latest industry trends and access comprehensive solutions in multiple specialized areas

By visiting DS CHINA, visitors will gain access to application solutions for digital displays in various fields, including mall wayfinding, retail stores, restaurant decor, home decoration, brand activations, exhibition showcases, real estate, hotels and clubs, art galleries, tourist attractions, healthcare institutions, and education.

Fan screens can be used in high-end shopping malls, exhibition showcases, and event launches, providing a visually stunning and captivating experience.
LED splicing screens can be used in hotels, clubs, restaurant decor, and tourist attractions.
The application of naked eye 3D in shopping malls.
The use of holographic projection in the field of party building.

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