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Spice Up Your Design via the Coolest LEDs and Sign Solutions

Time:2023-08-10 Click:528

SIGN CHINA 2023 will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from September 4th to 6th. It showcases 400 high-quality companies, including dozens specializing in LED display, digital signage and 3D holographic projection in East China. Alongside impressive advertising sign designs and technologies, the event series present innovative digital signage products that seamlessly combine traditional and dynamic elements. Click here to unlock your VIP status .

Supplementary Service - Buyer-Manufacturer Network

If exploring the LED section at SIGN CHINA doesn't fully meet your needs, we are ready to assist you in connecting with manufacturers, Learn more. To exclusively address your needs, we cordially invite you to attend LED CHINA 2024, a specialized exhibition solely dedicated to the world of LED displays.

Creative Sign

Signboard, Logo Signs, Guide Signs, and Building Signs...

Hall W3, Booth B25


RGB Led Lamp & Bulb Sign

LED Epoxy Resin Letter Sign

Hall W3, Booth E26


Custom Neon Sign Logo

Hall W3, Booth D26


Blister Signage

LED Illumination & Lighting

Hall 1, Booth C42


LED Signage Illumination

Airport LED Lighting Box Lighting

Hall W1, Booth C41


LED Light Box Back-lighting Module

Hall W1, Booth C57


Signage Lighting – Hard Rock Cafe

LED Displays/Digital Smart Sign

Small Pitch LED Display, Transparent LED Screen, Creative Screen, Advertising Screen, Rental LED Screen, LED Floor Screen, Traffic Screen, Light Pole Screen, Commercial Bar Screen...

Hall W1, Booth C70


Transparent LED Display Series

Booth No. W3, C61


Dynamic 3D Displays Learn More

Digital Signage Kisok

Hall W3, Booth C57


ADMW02 43"55"UHD 4K Tiled LCD Signage

3D Fans/Hologram

Hall W1, Booth B67


3D Holographic Projection Solutions

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