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Welcome to SIGN CHINA!

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Dear Sign Industry Partners,

Greetings! I am David Tang, founder of SIGN CHINA. Today, I am excited to announce that after a 3-year hiatus, SIGN CHINA will be welcoming global buyers once again at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from September 4th to 6th, 2023. With less than a month left until we meet each other, I am feeling both excited and emotional!

Over the past three years, every industry has encountered challenges, and the SIGN CHINA is no different. However, I am delighted to witness the resilience of numerous manufacturers and industry peers who have persevered and embraced a proactive approach. They have prioritized innovation, research and development, and exceptional service, resulting in the launch of a multitude of exciting new products.

SIGN CHINA has been far from idle. As the sole internationally renowned brand platform in the domestic industry, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Instead, we have embraced the national trends of digitization, networking, and intelligence, aiming to create heightened value for the industry's supply chain. To this end, we have independently developed the official SIGN CHINA mall - DYP Mall. By seamlessly integrating online and physical platforms, we offer the industry an unparalleled trading platform for expanding global business opportunities all year round. I invite you to explore DYP Mall (domestic: www.duoyp.com; international: www.dypmall.com) and capitalize on the immense potential of "Made in China" to diversify your business channels.

Therefore, SIGN CHINA 2023 is set to offer an all-in-one procurement platform catering to both traditional and digital signage needs. The exhibition will feature six prominent areas: Digital Textile Printer and Supplies, Sign Materials & Substrates, Laser Engraver & Cutting Equipment, Signage, Lightbox and POP Displays, LED Displays and Digital Signage, and LED Illumination & Lighting. With over 2,000 esteemed manufacturers representing premium brands, this global event aims to foster a comprehensive traditional and digital signage industry network, facilitating valuable business opportunities for attendees, ensuring a rewarding experience for all.

2023 Partial Elite Exhibitors

*Visit www.signchinashow.com/en/ for more information.

As the founder of SIGN CHINA, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us at this remarkable event. It is an excellent opportunity for you to explore the latest products and technologies within the industry, as well as witness the groundbreaking advancements taking place in both factories and throughout China.

We will continue to provide exhibitors and buyers with high-quality international services and on-site experiences.

Look forward to seeing you at SIGN CHINA 2023!

Best Regards,

Founder of SIGN CHINA

David Tang

August 2023

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