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Benefits from Interactive Banking Technology and the Use of Touch-screen Displays

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It’s clear that the future is digital, and the future of financial institutions is interactive banking technology. With improved service at greater efficiency, the addition of touch screens presents clear opportunities to any financial institution. You won’t want to miss the 3 most important benefits of interactive banking technology below.
3 Most Important Benefits of Interactive Banking Technology
1. The Increased Service Speed with Interactive Banking Technology
The true character of a person surfaces when the internet connection is even slightly slower than usual. Now, if visiting a bank branch feels like going back to dial-up internet, during a time when everything else moves closer to the speed of light, how much frustration can one truly endure before walking out and choosing a different bank? The answer is not much. A value-packed interactive experience can do wonders for the speed of the branch with queue management, digitization of documents, and more (find below).
2. The Higher Security Level of Touch-screens and Tablets Utilized in Banking Technology
With multiple privacy and data breach scandals coming to the public eye, digital security is under extreme scrutiny. This is even more sensitive when we are talking about banks and financial services for obvious reasons. The use of interactive solutions such as touch-screens and tablets with the top of the line levels of encryption is a cornerstone feature of a well-thought-out banking experience prepared for the future.
3. The Environmentally Friendly Side of Interactive Banking Technology
One aspect every big company is trying to tackle is the environmental impact of its operations. The average customer is increasingly sensitive to this global issue and rewards the most conscious companies with unshakable loyalty. By utilizing a tablet with advanced touch-screen capabilities, every bank branch seamlessly starts saving paper sheets, trees and, ultimately, the planet. Every transaction equates to multiple sheets of paper and every contract to a dozen of them. If as per magic all of these turn digital, how much closer is a bank to become 100% green?
5 Additional Benefits from Interactive Banking Technology and the Use of Touch-screen Displays
1. Interactive Banking Technology Improves Customer Journey
A successful company will always have the customer journey in mind. Banks, due to the nature of the business, see every little detail of this journey being magnified. By adopting an interactive approach and creating value for the customer at multiple stages with the use of touch-screens and tablets, banks can improve the customer journey and provide a better service with a residual cost.
2. The Branding Potential of Interactive Banking Technology
Big touch-screens ready for the customer to interact also have the ability to add a solid layer of branding through the use of high-quality visuals creating a consistent image throughout all channels: website, mobile app, and finally bank branches.
3. Banking Technology Provides a Low Friction Experience
Technology and e-commerce giants are known for their low friction systems that get customers addicted. On the other end of the spectrum, you can usually find the banks. Famous for long processes, duplicate forms and too many steps to perform simple operations, especially when visiting the bank in person. Proper integration of interactive banking technology is something that brings banks much closer to the lack of friction that makes companies so very successful amongst users.
4. Queue Management Using Interactive Banking Technology
A bank branch is only open during working hours and usually closes the front door earlier than almost any other business in town. When it’s necessary to visit the branch it’s mandatory that the time spent at the bank is reduced to the minimum amount possible. Touch-based queue management systems help the flow of customers and streamline the whole experience from the customers’ point of view.
5. Deploying Banking Technology to Promote Stronger Relationships
Like so many other jobs, bank tellers are also seeing a shift on the focus of that position from handling dozens of simple transactions a day to a position where the focus is on building meaningful relationships with the customer. In this indirect way, interactive banking enhances service quality by a lot since it can be so difficult to replace human interaction with customers.  
Deploy Touch Screens to Your Bank Today
If efficiency in the use of time, people, and other resources (such as paper and more) is a concern by any means, deploying up-to-date banking technology is necessary. The vision for an optimal bank branch experience needs to include the highest standards in security and powerful branding visuals to accompany every step of the customer journey. We can all agree that touch screens could help banks transform their customer experience for the better.
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