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Small pitch LED screen companies eye on the outdoor advertising market

Time:2020-03-06 Click:438
This year, the small-pitch LED display technology represented by mini-LED / micro-LED has attracted much attention. However, advertising expo also noticed that in addition to the cutting-edge results in high-end indoor applications, there is one bright spot worthy of attention, which is the small outdoor pitch.
For example, Unano on display at Unilumin is not only the first small-pitch product used in the rental industry, but also the industry's first LED display product to win the Red Dot Extreme Award. It has a super edge protection LED light protection structure, and the edge protection mechanism automatically retracts, which is especially suitable for high-end exhibition and broadcasting applications.
While many people's impressions of outdoor advertising screens are still between high-rise buildings, Absen's first outdoor small-pitch product has been born and will be in February. It is mainly used in outdoor short-distance streetscape advertising, light box screens, bus shelters, and other scenarios, as well as 5G smart light pole screens, in order to adapt to the growing trend of LED display and 5G technology integration.
In fact, in our daily life, we often see led displays, whether it is a roadside shop, a concert, or the surrounding buildings and hotels have installed led electronic displays, but most of them are With the traditional large-pitch led display, whether it is a large-pitch led display or a small-pitch led display, the usage rate in our lives is still quite high. As the technology of small-pitch led displays matures, manufacturers of led displays have also set their sights on the wider application market of indoor high-definition full-color small-pitch led displays.
So what exactly is a small-pitch LED display? How do you define it? Because the small-pitch LED display can display higher-resolution pictures under the same size, and it also has higher refresh and low power consumption. High color gamut, no afterimage, etc., are more in line with the requirements of modern advertisers and users for the effect of LED displays. The led display is formed by led lamp beads, and the small-pitch led display is the smaller distance between the two lights. The traditional LED display defines the product specification method as the distance between the two lights. For example, P10 is the distance between two lights is 10mm, P8 is also the distance between two lights is 8mm, and so on.
It is not difficult to see that facing the maturity and competition of small-pitch LEDs in the control room field over the past few years, small-pitch LED screen companies are actively exploring new markets outside the control room. "The trend":
On the one hand, through continuous improvement in technology and technology, small-pitch LED screen companies continue to advance in the "smaller pitch" field, driving the industry into the P0.X era. In particular, the research and development in the fields of mini-LED and micro-LED has opened up a broader prospect for the application field of small-pitch LEDs, making the applications focused on the professional display field in the past, and further extended to the commercial and household fields with larger market scale.
On the other hand, in the field of conventional display products, it has become a new idea to create product differentiation through reverse thinking. One of them is the introduction of small pitch into the field of outdoor display. This field is special because the outdoor display field is not new to LED display technology. In fact, LED technology was originally applied to outdoor display, and gradually entered the indoor display field with the narrowing of the pitch. DLP, LCD and other technologies compete, it can be said that outdoor is the birthplace of LED.
However, the outdoor display field is a brand new market for small-pitch LEDs. Why do you say that? As we all know, the field of outdoor display is often dominated by long-distance viewing, so products are mostly concentrated in the "large-pitch" category above P2.5. However, in recent years, outdoor display applications have also shown a "miniaturization" trend, not just staying on the large screen of buildings. For example, in the fields of bus stop billboards, street shop windows, and light pole screens, the demand for outdoor high-definition displays is becoming more and more urgent, and a “new” market for outdoor high-definition LED displays with great potential is cultivated. The reason why small pitch LEDs are receiving such attention.
Coming from the outdoors and back to the outdoors, for small-pitch LED screens, this wave of operation is not a "blind", but a product of new business opportunities as technology advances and demand upgrades. After all, people always want to see clearly no matter what application they are in.
Source: Projection Age